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What is Djuret? Well, Djuret means the animal in Swedish and here we serve one animal at the time. We consider this to be the most sustainable way to work with the slaughtered animal both from an organic perspective but also out of respect to the animal in question. The whole menu consists of different meat cuts from the same animal. These are prepared with a lot of love on the grill, pan or in a pot and then served in a rustic way.

If wine is your thing our wine cellar might interest you. This cellar is stuffed with delicious wines. Today we have approximately 1300 labels and they are all very competitively priced. To every animal that we serve on Djuret we also have a wine theme. This can be based upon grape variety or a certain region.

Apart from this we always serve a wide selection of beers from micro breweries both from Europe and that we call the New World. The bar is as always stuffed with a massive amount of digestif´s. Cheers!

Here's our winelist.

Djuret has one of the world's best wine lists according to Fine Wine

Bakfickan Djuret
Lilla Nygatan 5
111 28 Gamla Stan
Reservations can be made on: 08 - 506 400 84
We start answering the phone at the latest from 1 pm. We welcome parties up to 40 persons. We also have five different private rooms where we house parties up to 30 persons. These can be booked without any extra charge. A few of our tables are available via our online booking, to book a table online click here.

Bakfickan Djuret is open Monday til Saturday
5.30 pm til 12 am but also also for friday lunch from 12 pm.

Djuret har sommarstängt från den 19:e juni och öppnar igen den 18:e augusti. Under denna tid är Svinet, vår innergård med bar och grill öppen.
Djuret is closed this summer from June 19:th and open again on August 18:th. Svinet our bar and barbecue courtyard is open during this period.

Bourgeoisie is Djuret's set three course menu where we select three of our favourite dishes from the current animal. This menu is only 495 sek. these courses are:

The top round from the horse, as cut tartar with vinegar onions and Arbequina oil. Served with trout roe, crème fraiche, burnt hay and Panko.

The sirloin and the blade from the horse,
the sirloin fried 57 °C in cast iron and braised, plucked and fried blade. Served with puréed and buttered carrot, green asparagus, baked onion and Bordeaux jus.

Dark chocolate,
Dark chocolate, as baked cream. Served with a sea buckthorn sorbet, sea salt, yogurt and sorrel.

This menu consists of the hungry chef's choice of dishes. Five to six courses for that perfect eat the whole beast feeling. The tremendously low price for this menu which only is served by table is 625 sek per person.
The chef´s snacks,
From the current animal
The top round from the horse,
as cut tartar with vinegar onions and Arbequina oil. Served with trout roe, crème fraiche, burnt hay and Panko.
The leg and the chuck steak from the horse,
as open lasagna. Served with Parmigiano-Reggiano, tomato confit and butter poached fresh garlic.
The tenderloin from the horse,
as Tournedos Rossini. Served with seared foie gras, toast, sautéed spinach, Pommes Parisiennes with green beans, Madeira jus and grated summer truffle..
Mazarin cake,
Mazarin cake, served with a variation of rhubarb and vanilla ice cream.

Every friday Chef Einarsson & team lists a three course prix fix lunch menu based on the featured animal. This is a lunch seating without stress devoted to real food and some of Einarssons signature dishes paired with delicious beverages. You can see the upcoming menu here. We welcome lunch guests between 12.00 and 14.00 and the seating time is as long as you want to stay. The lunch menu is 395 sek per person. Very Welcome!

What kind of food does Djuret serve?
Genuine meat dishes in both Swedish and southern European style of organic and locallly produced meat, dairy and vegetables. One animal = one menu. We offer an á la carte menu and our menu without an end:Grande Deluxe. If you know that you want this menu when you come to us please let us know when you make your reservation.
How often does Djuret change meat and menu?
We change animal and menu approximately every fourth week.
What seating times does Djuret have?
Djuret is a very small restaurant and we have two seatings every night. One early seating when you arrive between 17.30-18.45 and have the table for two hours and one later seating when you arrive between 19.45-21.00 and have the table for the rest of the evening.
How large parties does Djuret accomodate?
We welcome parties of up to 40 persons.

If you want to eat your animal in privacy you can book one of our private rooms. In these rooms you can sit from 2 up to 30 persons. There is no extra charge or rent for a private room.

Make your reservation at +46 8 50640084.

If you have any press related questions regarding any of our restaurants (Djuret, Pubologi, Leijontornet 12 x 8, Svinet or Tweed) please contact Daniel Crespi on
crespi@leijontornet.se or via phone at +46 739 888 931

Upcoming animals & wine:

June 23:rd-August 17:th
Welcome up to Svinet, our garden barbecue.
18:e augusti-13:e september
Lamb and Tuscan wines.
September 15:th-October 18:th
Cow and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.
October 20:th-September 6:th
Game bird, roe deer and Burgundy.
7:th, 8:th och 10:th November
Saint Martin goose menu with Burgundy part 2.
November 11:th-November 29:th
Elk calf, wild boar and Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
December 1:st-December 20:th
Fallow deer, The Christmas Pig menu and Amarone.
December 21:st-January 6:th

Click for our wine cellar list:
1974 wines
Boka bord online Kolla in Djurets bilder!
The Friday Lunch
Fredagslunchen på Djuret